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CanoScan LiDE 300


The new CanoScan LiDE 300 ultra-thin flatbed scanner uses Canon's exclusive LiDE technology to make the body only 42 mm thick and lightweight and durable.

Price HK$525

PenPower WorldCard Pro


WorldCard Pro is a professional business card reader that comes with multi-language recognition to easily identify and convert business cards into digital format. You can...

Regular price HK$1,085 Price HK$1,025

Czur ET16 Plus Book Scanner...


ET16 進階版,加入了側射補光燈,可以有效改善紙張的反光問題, 加強掃描效果。雖然缺少 HDMI 接口,但仍可透過 PC 和 CZUR 軟件, 將攝影機的即時影像投映到外接屏幕上,還支援錄影和擷圖功能, 方便家長、教師溫習教學內容。

Regular price HK$3,500 Price HK$3,180

Czur ET18 Pro Scanner


Patented Flattening Laser-Based Image of Curved Book Page Technology: ET18 Pro emits 3 laser beams, forming horizontal laser lines on curved book page, and acquiring a 2D...

Regular price HK$5,288 Price HK$4,790

Czur M3000 Pro Smart Plus...


The most complete, the highest configuration Single page file 1.2 seconds / page; book 1.2 seconds / double page Resolution: 5248*3936` Picture: 20 million OCR text...

Price HK$36,800