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Unitek Bracket Stand for...

Other device

Features: -scratch-resistant, more durable and useful - Weighted main body makes the tablet stents be more stable - Supports different tablet, both thin and thick -...

Price HK$38

45in1 Screwdriver Set


◆The shell is automatically opened when it is pressed, and the use is super convenient. ◆Specially tailored for mobile phone and electronic product maintenance

Price HK$60

Nano virus buster


便攜式除菌除臭的產品 有效阻隔空氣內多種病原微生物引起的細菌和流感病毒,並具有除霉抗花粉功效、清淨空氣。產品通過北里環境科學研究所抗菌及滅菌測試,有效有助減低感染流感等病毒。

Price HK$68

Momax iFan3 Portable...


specification Battery: 2,000mAh Input: 5V / 1A Working time: 2-7 hours Charging time: 3-3.5 hours Dimensions: 204 mm x 95 mm x 36 mm Weight: 191.1 grams...

Price HK$98

Tunewear Waterwear Tablet...


The water bag for iPad/Tablet is a suitcase made of durable transparent material with a triple zipper that securely locks the iPad or tablet inside and away from water and...

Price HK$99

Fellowes Standard Ergonomic...


Standard Foot Rest Offers dual-position height adjustment Free-Floating platform encourages lower leg movement to help reduce fatigue Textured surface massages soles of...

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Elecom Cable box


Incombustible cable box" using flame retardant plastic of flame retardant grade "V0"  In the prevention of the fire of the tracking phenomenon, it is effective for the...

Price HK$158

Uniden Infrared Ear...


*Infrared ear type heat detector *Quick measurement   *3-color backlit LCD display   *Includes green/orange/red   *indicates different temperatures *8-temperature...

Price HK$158

Many 564XL Series


HP Ccompatible ink Many 564XL Black Ink X 1 Many 564XL Cyan Ink  X 1 Many 564XL Magenta Ink  X 1 Many 564XL Yellow Ink  X 1

Price HK$180

Momax iFan5 Desktop Fan

All Product

Battery capacity 2000mAh Up to 5 hours of continuous use 3 sections of wind speed training Swing around 60 degrees 50 degree up and down adjustment

Regular price HK$269 Price HK$188

Uniden AM2303 Blood...


AAMI, BHS certified upper arm type double backlit display electronic sphygmomanometer - AM2303 Accuracy meets the British Hypertension Society (BHS) and the American...

Price HK$268

Unitek Dual HDD Docking...


Products Features: A multifunctional docking station with SATA converter, USB port and SD card reader. Allow to read and write HDD/SSD, flash drive, USB devices and SD card...

Price HK$279

Hollies Keyboard Drawer SL-450


- 夾檯式設計,方便易用可夾檯之厚度最多為6.5cm - 適用於市面常用的標準鍵盤 - 兩段滾輪式鍵盤托設計,拉出容易 - 附設可360°自由轉動的滑鼠托,安裝於左右方均可 - 滑鼠托有1內格,可收藏滑鼠

Price HK$280

VisionKids ActionX Cam(for...


VisionKids launched ActionX as a waterproof sports camera! Children can enjoy the outdoors while watching the world with small eyes. Take pictures of your parent-child...

Regular price HK$399 Price HK$328

VisionKids Happi CAMU Camera


The new version has more features, and the photo images are more delicate, even if the big friends love it. After a year of listening to the voices of different children and...

Price HK$359

WMP AirMagic Mini Smart...


Airmagic Mini main selling points:   1. The first portable air freshener in Hong Kong with both Ozone and negative ions.   2. Built-in rechargeable battery for up to 500...

Price HK$390

VisionKids KyoMiKids...

Other device

- 操作簡單,小朋友輕鬆上手 - Wifi簡易連接,配合專用APP使用 - 放大/縮小按鍵、可放大至1000倍 - 支持靜止圖像,短片拍攝和文件保存 - 左右轉動倍率輪調整對焦 - 內有8粒LED燈,可調節亮度 - 黑暗地方都可使用 - USB充電,可隨身攜帶 - 附有防塵透明蓋 -...

Price HK$469

3M KD45 Keyboard Drawer


Featuring three distinct height positions to ensure the ideal working posture . Includes an extra-wide tray to match virtually all keyboards . Steel ball bearings provide...

Regular price HK$560 Price HK$489

Panasonic LCD 2-Handset Phone


Backup power supply: still can temporarily call when power is cut off ECO power saving mode, reducing standby transmission power by up to 90%, and using only 0.6w of power...

Regular price HK$698 Price HK$594

WMP SleepMagic Anti-Snoring...


However, if you are snoring while you sleep, it will not only affect the sleeping quality of the pillow, but will greatly reduce the quality of sleep for the...

Regular price HK$838 Price HK$638

Dragon War E-sports chair...


This product comes with (worth $300) pre-assembly service free delivery(Except for the outlying islands and restricted areas, special areas such as Tung Chung and Ma Wan, and...

Price HK$999

WMP AirMagic Smart


Smart Disinfection, Deodorization & Air Purifying System Main Features - Daily Air Disinfection  Deodorization Clothes Disinfection  Deodorization Cloth Drying

Price HK$1,280

3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray


Knob adjusts both height and tilt. Just loosen knob, set height and tilt and re-tignten Standard all-in-one platform with wooden construction minimizes bouncing. Mousing...

Price HK$1,520

Kumamon Ergonomic Desk and...


自由調整書桌及椅子的高度,有抽屜整齊擺放文具,3段光暗調教LED燈 (白/黃光),活動書架,適合不同時期的成長需要

Regular price HK$1,980 Price HK$1,680

i-Study 360° bookshelf


書櫃360°旋轉,拿取更方便,環保E1級MD板材,藏書容量大 無銳角設計,方便家居慳位,安全設計

Regular price HK$1,980 Price HK$1,680

TranSay Touch Instant AI...


New multi-machine intercom translation function The newly added wireless multi-machine intercom function allows you to easily connect with different countries regardless of...

Regular price HK$1,890 Price HK$1,800