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Sandisk Ultra MicroSD Card


這款全新記憶卡甚至能存放時數更長的影片。 高達 100MB/s** 的傳輸速度能讓您以快如閃電的速度移動所有內容—只要一分鐘就能移動多達 1200 張照片。 這款記憶卡所獲得的 A1 評級表示您也可以更快載入應用程式,使其成為 Android™ 智能手機和平板電腦的理想選擇。

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Sandisk Ultra Usb3.0 Flash...


若要傳輸檔案至隨身碟,其速度是標準 USB 2.0 隨身碟的 10 倍,可為您省下大量等待時間。這款隨身碟的儲存容量高達 256GB,可存放手邊最龐大的媒體檔案和文件。

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Toshiba U364 Flash Drive...


THE SMALLEST TOSHIBA USB OF ALL Additional storage for your notebook PC with a look that blends in almost seamlessly! Like the U363, the U364 is USB 3.0 Super Speed...

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Sandisk UltraDual-M3.0...


SanDisk Ultra® Dual Drive m3.0 雙用隨身碟能夠輕鬆將手機中的內容移轉至電腦。此時尚便利隨身碟的一端是 Micro USB 連接埠,另一端則是 USB 3.0 連接埠,讓您可以往來於 Android™ 智能手機或平板電腦與手提電腦,甚至是 PC 或 Mac 電腦之間,輕鬆移動所有裝置中的內容。

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Sandisk Ultra-Flair Usb3.0...


Speed and fashion The SanDisk Ultra FlairTM USB 3.0 drive can be moved quickly. Reduce the amount of time waiting for the transfer file while enjoying high-speed USB 3.0...

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Toshiba U365


A tiny USB flash drive with enough space for hundreds of high-resolution music files and hours of video file.

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Samsung Evo+ (4k) MicroSD Card


Up to 100MB/s Read and 90MB/s Write speed with Class 10 and U3 compatibility. Includes Full-Size SD Adapter. Excellent Performance for 4K UHD Video and broad compatibility...

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Sandisk ExtremePro...


With shot speeds of up to 90MB/s and UHS speed Class 3 (U3) recording, you’re ready to capture stunning high-resolution, stutter-free 4K UHD video. And, because your pace...

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Sandisk Extreme 32Gb CF Card


最適用於中階至高階 DSLR 相機和 HD 攝錄機的 SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash 記憶卡,提供一流的讀取/寫入速度,能夠配合快速的動態拍攝,及啟用快速檔案傳輸功能。

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Internal HDD

For fast performance and reliability, WD Green SSDs boost the everyday computing experience in your desktop or laptop PC.

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Internal HDD

Ready for your high performance computing needs, a WD Blue™ 3D NAND SATA SSD offers high capacity, enhanced reliability, and blazing speed.

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World's Fastest Apple Lightning Flash Drive.Quickly transmit data between iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC without using internet, cloud system, or iTunes!

Price HK$385

WD Purple-Edition 3.5"...

Internal HDD

專為 24/7 全年無休運作的高解析度安全系統而打造。 WD Purple 支援高達 180 TB/年的工作負載率, 並支援高達 64 部攝影機,專門針對監視系統進行了最佳化。

Price HK$435

WD MyPassport SSD

External HDD

My Passport SSD is portable storage with blazing-fast transfers. Password protection with hardware encryption helps keep your content secure. Easy to use, it’s shock-resistant,...

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Sandisk Extreme-Pro 64Gb CF...


使用 SanDisk Extreme PRO CompactFlash 記憶卡,便能獲得高容量儲存空間、快速拍攝至拍攝 (shot-to-shot) 效能以及電影畫質的影片。

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Sandisk Extreme Pro 256GB...


為您的單鏡反光相機、高階數碼相機或高清攝錄機帶來分秒未差的影像與 4K UHD 影片。傳輸速度高達 95MB/s,確保您的資料可快速移動,從而提高後期製作過程的效率。

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WD MyPassport 2TB

External HDD

Perfectly paired with WD Backup™ software and password protection, the My Passport drive helps keep your digital life's contents safe.

Price HK$559

WD MyPassport Go Ext.SSD

External HDD

Drop-resistant up to 2 meters Built-in cable, pocket-sized portable drive 2.5x faster than most portable hard drives Durable SSD inside with no moving parts Auto backup...

Price HK$619

WD MyPassport Ultra Ext.HDD...

External HDD

採用 USB-C™ 技術,提供一種簡易的方式透過現代金屬設計擴充您的儲存空間,與您的 PC十分搭配。支援 Windows® 10,開盒即用,可順暢提供隨插即用的儲存空間和藉由硬體加密提供密碼保護,協助確保您的內容安全無虞。

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Samsung 860EVO SSD

Internal HDD

The newest edition to the world's best-selling SATA SSD series, the Samsung 860 EVO is specially designed to enhance performance of mainstream PCs and laptops

Price HK$675

Lenovo ThinkStation 1Tb...

Internal HDD

Features and specifications The 1TB 7200 rpm Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive (45J7918) includes upgrade features selected from the highest-quality hard drives available....

Price HK$741

WD MyPassport 4TB

External HDD

Perfectly paired with WD Backup™ software and password protection, the My Passport drive helps keep your digital life's contents safe.

Price HK$849

Seagate Backup Plus Hub

External HDD

With the cross-platform compatibility, excellent reliability and speed, almost all files can be backed up. Take advantage of Backup Pus Hub, a large-capacity desktop hard...

Price HK$899

WD MyPassport 5TB

External HDD

Perfectly paired with WD Backup™ software and password protection, the My Passport drive helps keep your digital life's contents safe.

Price HK$1,028

WD MyCloud Home


The all-new My Cloud Home storage device plugs directly into your Wi-Fi router at home so you can easily save, organize and control all your digital content in one...

Price HK$1,059

Synology Ds220j


Backup all your digital assets with Synology DS220j, a powerful 2-bay NAS with rapid data transmission and low power consumption, designed for home users.

Price HK$1,250

WD MyPassport Wireless Pro

External HDD

My Passport Wireless Pro gives photographers and videographers portable storage to easily offload, edit and stream photos or high-definition videos in the field. Designed to...

Price HK$1,499

HP Midline-LFF(MDL) 2Tb...

Internal HDD

HP SATA Hard Drives are designed for the reliability and larger capacities demanded by today's entry server and external storage environments. HP SATA Midline drives are...

Price HK$1,806

Synology Ds418 NAS


功能豐富的 NAS 伺服器,可將檔案儲存集中化及即時進行 4K H.265 影片轉碼. Synology DS418 搭載全新的 64 位元四核心處理器, 提供卓越的資料傳輸速度、龐大的儲存空間,並支援 10 位元 4K H.265 影片快速轉碼

Regular price HK$2,990 Price HK$2,590

Synology Ds1819+ NAS


DS1819+ is an 8-bay desktop NAS providing superior performance with great expandability, allowing for seamless expansion and upgradability to satisfy your growing business needs.

Regular price HK$8,260 Price HK$6,990