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MiniX Neo J50C-4 Pentium


The Minix Neo J50C-4 ships with 4GB of RAM and 128GB storage, but it has 2 SODIMM slots with support for up to 16GB of DDR4 memory and an M.2 2280 M.2 SATA III slot for up to...

Regular price HK$2,790 Price HK$2,690

Lenovo v530 SFF (Win10Pro)


Powerful and secure, the Lenovo V530 Tower is designed to keep users produc-tive for the long term—and make IT managers’ lives easier.  Featuring Intel®  processing, robust...

Regular price HK$3,790 Price HK$3,680

Lenovo M720s PCs


The ThinkCentre M720 SFF is designed to help you get what you need to get done, quickly and efficiently. Powered by the latest generation of Intel® processors and with...

Regular price HK$3,990 Price HK$3,890

HP ProDesk 400G5 Core-i5


Intel Core-i5(8500) CPU Processor 4Gb DDR4 RAM Memory (2 x DIMM Slots) 1Tb SerialATA Hard Disk or 256Gb SSD(Solid State Disk) Internal SerialATA DVD+/-ReWriter Drive...

Regular price HK$4,780 Price HK$4,490

Lenovo M720t Core-i7 (W10)


Intel Core-i7(8700) Processor 4GB DDR4-2666 RAM Memory (4 x DIMM Slots) 1Tb SerialATA Hard Disk Internal SerialATA DVD+/-ReWriter Drive Integrated Gigabit Ethernet,...

Price HK$5,790

Lenovo M710e Core-i5


At 10% smaller than its predecessor, the ThinkCentre M710e small form factor doesn't scrimp on performance. Super-compact, this entry-level PC includes robust security features...

Price HK$5,990

Asus VC66 Core-i5


Intel Core-i5(8400) CPU Processor 8Gb (1x8Gb) DDR4 Ram Memory 128Gb SSD + 1Tb SerialATA Hard Disk Internal Tray DVD-Rewriter Drive Integrated Graphics, 802.11...

Price HK$6,390

HP ProDesk 400g4 Core-i7 SSD


Intel Core-i7(7700) CPU Processor 4Gb DDR4 RAM Memory (2 x DIMM Slots) 128SSD + 1Tb SerialATA Hard Disk Internal SerialATA DVD+/-ReWriter Drive Integrated Gigabit...

Regular price HK$6,790 Price HK$6,590

Lenovo M920s Core-i7


ThinkCentre M920 SFF 將為貴企業倍添優勢— 這款小型機型桌上型電腦由嶄新世代 Intel® 處理效能及高度靈敏記憶體驅動,可輕鬆處理數據繁複的檔案及應用程式; 裝置另備一系列高速 USB 連接埠,有助您提升生產力

Price HK$6,750

Lenovo M920z 23.8"AiO PC


*Ship with in 5 working days. 23.8 吋 ThinkCentre M920z 一體成型電腦 (AIO) 既是效能強勁的生產力裝備,亦可為您節省時間空間

Price HK$7,680

Lenovo P320mt Core-i7


Professional-grade graphics. Blazing-fast memory. Cutting-edge hard drive. The ThinkStation P320 tower shelves boasts all the key productivity features you need. Extra...

Regular price HK$9,980 Price HK$9,250

Lenovo P410 Xeon


Compared to entry-level workstations on the market, the ThinkStation® P410 offers higher core count and memory capacity. Extra upgrades: Plan A : 8GB RAM + 256GB SSD Plan...

Price HK$16,900