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Unitek Type-C to Micro-Usb...


Convert Type-C to Micro USB. For sync and charging. Aluminium housing. Small and portable. Suitable for all Type-C supported smartphones, tablets, computers and devices.

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Unitek Bracket Stand for...

Other device

Features: -scratch-resistant, more durable and useful - Weighted main body makes the tablet stents be more stable - Supports different tablet, both thin and thick -...

Price HK$38

Sandisk Ultra MicroSD Card


這款全新記憶卡甚至能存放時數更長的影片。 高達 100MB/s** 的傳輸速度能讓您以快如閃電的速度移動所有內容—只要一分鐘就能移動多達 1200 張照片。 這款記憶卡所獲得的 A1 評級表示您也可以更快載入應用程式,使其成為 Android™ 智能手機和平板電腦的理想選擇。

Price HK$40

Toshiba U364 Flash Drive...


THE SMALLEST TOSHIBA USB OF ALL Additional storage for your notebook PC with a look that blends in almost seamlessly! Like the U363, the U364 is USB 3.0 Super Speed...

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SuperV Usb Type-C Cable (0.2M)


1) USB-A to USB-C cable – Connect your old hard drives, keyboards, and mice to your new USB-C devices 2) Data transfer rate at up to 5Gbps with compatible USB 3.0 devices

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Momax 1-Take Micro-Usb (2M)

Data Cable

Elite-Link 1-Take Micro USB Cable enables plugging from any side. With the highly efficient pure copper cord, it is a great product designed attentively for users.

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Verbatim Micro-Usb Cable (2M)

Data Cable

Supports charging and data transmission for microUSB interface smartphones and tablets Produced with nylon braided material which is tough and durable Metallic coated and...

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Samsung Evo+ (4k) MicroSD Card


Up to 100MB/s Read and 90MB/s Write speed with Class 10 and U3 compatibility. Includes Full-Size SD Adapter. Excellent Performance for 4K UHD Video and broad compatibility...

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Momax X-Lens 3in1 Lens (Marco)

Other device

In high optical quality and aluminum-electroplated surface, X-Lens can enrich the shooting flavor and variations of lens usage to create a new vision beyond your imagination.

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Momax X-Lens...

Other device

In high optical quality and aluminum-electroplated surface, X-Lens can enrich the shooting flavor and variations of lens usage to create a new vision beyond your imagination.

Price HK$100

Verbatim Lightning Cable...

Data Cable

Designed for Apple Lightning 8-pin devices Apple MFi certified Made with 2x density nylon braided material and in line with AWG standard, tough and durable Adopted CNC cut...

Price HK$108

SuperV Micro + Type-C +...

Data Cable

Support for Quick Charge 3.0 technology Good feel nylon thread design, very durable. Multiple protection within the line tube for safe use. The copper core is strengthened...

Price HK$108

Momax Lightning Cable (1.2M)

Data Cable

Having been reinforced, ELITE Link Lightning Cable is capable of withstanding over 20,000 swings in its lifecycle, it is proven 6 times stronger than other brands of only...

Price HK$108

Momax One Link Apple Auto...

Other device

Auto Smart backup while charging (Photos、videos、contacts, calendar) for your iPhone! Simply insert the micro SD card in One Link Micro SD Backup Adapter, and connect to the...

Price HK$140

Momax Qpower Slim...

Power Bank

Specification Capacity: 5,000mAh Input: 5V/2A (Micro USB/ Type-C) Output 1: 5V/1A (Wireless) Output 2: 5V/2.1A (USB-A) Total Output: 2.1A

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Verbatim Micro + Type-C +...

Data Cable

配備microUSB、Lightning及Type C三接頭 全面為iOS 及Android裝置充電及傳輸數據 2倍密度尼龍編織材質,符合24AWG美國線規標準 99.99% 4N無氧鍍錫銅線芯 支援2.4A輸出及高效數據傳輸速度480MB/s 可拆除旋轉扣連接三種接頭,方便自由組合

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Momax Apple iPad 9.7 Cover

Other device

iPad is one of the slimmest tablets you can find anywhere. To preserve this feeling, Flip Cover is an ideal case that affords good protection but does not weigh your iPad down.

Price HK$148

Momax Q.LED Rainbow LED Light


Features Momax Q.Led Rainbow Wireless Charging Atmosphere Light The QL2 features a split-and-detachable design, touch-interaction, wireless charging, USB charging,...

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Verbatim Lightning (2M)


Made with 2x density nylon braided material and in line with AWG standard, tough and durable Adopted CNC cut easy-fit connectors for iOS devices with protective cases Use of...

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Momax EilteLink Usb-C to...


Furnished with a matte metallic aluminum, the integrated Type C hub effectively conserves desk space and expands your device’s connectivity.

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Verbatim 3in1 Cable (1.2M)


A cable comes with 3 types of connectors – microUSB, Lightning & Type C. It can support data transmission and charging for most of the iOS & Android devices.

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Momax iPower Minimal QC3.0...

Mobile Memory

Specification Capacity: 10000mAh  Input 1: 5V = 2A (Micro USB) Input 2: 5V = 2A , 9V = 2A (Type-C PD) Output 1: 5V = 2.4A Output 2 : 5V = 3A , 9V = 2A ,12V = 1.5A (...

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Unitek 4Port Usb Charger...


- Charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. - With BC1.2 charging technology, maximum power output up to 2.4A. - With the protection against over-charge, overheat, short...

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Momax EliteLink Type-C to...


This Type-C to HDMI cable enables connection between Type-C devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. and an HDMI-equipped display. It is capable of delivering...

Price HK$218

Verbatim QC3.0 Mobile...

Power Bank

Compact size & light weight Supports PD, QC & Supercharge Dual output and Type-C two-way fast charging Shell made of ABS & PC flame retardant materials...

Price HK$219

SuperV UV-Sanitizing Box


三合一UV紫外光盒, 支援手機充電/殺菌/香薰 實驗報告證實此產品透過UV紫外光技術可殺滅99.9%細菌, 包括金黃葡萄球菌、大腸桿菌、白念珠菌達99.9% 為不能清洗的個人物品有效消毒 (手機、耳機、化妝工具等) 一鍵操作、簡易切換兩種消毒/香薰模式

Regular price HK$368 Price HK$238

SuperV QC3.0 Usb Travel...


SuperV officially launched the world's first through the British BS 8546:2016 and IEC60884-2-5:2017 safety certification, output up to 30W with PD Quick Charge fast charge...

Regular price HK$268 Price HK$248

MOMAX Q.PowerAir2+...

Power Bank

Input (Type-C) : 5V/ 2.4A, 9V/ 2A` Output 1 (Type-C PD) : 5V/ 3A, 9V/ 2A, 12V/ 1.5A` Output 2 (USB-A) : 5V/ 3A, 9V/ 2A, 12V/ 1.5A (Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology)`...

Price HK$268

Verbatim Qi Rechargeable...

Power Bank

Support PD, QC and Supercharge fast charging The outer casing is made of ABS and PC flame retardant materials Type-C cable included` Protected by PCB system settings

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Momax Q.Clock Cordless Charger


Features: Support QI wireless charging up to 10W output Large display, simultaneous display of time, date, room temperature Side triangle, Adjustable brightness,...

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MOMAX Q.UV Box Cordless...


Sanitization: Kill up to 99.9%* germs for your non-washable personal items in 18-30 minutes Wireless Charging: Simply put your smartphone on the top on Q.Power UV-Box,...

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World's Fastest Apple Lightning Flash Drive.Quickly transmit data between iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC without using internet, cloud system, or iTunes!

Price HK$383

Momax Tripod Hero Stick Mount

Selfie Stick / Tripod

Compatible product The versatile tripod is your indispensable travel companion, allowing you to capture moments at any time. Lightweight and portable, professionally...

Regular price HK$470 Price HK$453