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Writing/Drawing Pad

Writing/Drawing Pad

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Wacom ACK-40401 Wireless...


Now, your IntuosPro, Intuos5 and Intuos tablets use the optional Wacom wireless accessory kit to easily connect wirelessly to your computer. Plug and play.

Regular price HK$300 Price HK$264

PenPower ViaTalk-BT

Writing Pad

Listen to you, help you write, computer input is a good helper. Smart Bluetooth wireless transmission voice handwriting dual input

Price HK$299

Penpower Phone2PC

Writing/Drawing Pad

Still worrying about lengthy interview records? Want to record a wonderful speech? Use the “Mongophone Control” to quickly change the recording file on your mobile...

Price HK$388

PenPower e-Paper Writing Pad

Writing Pad


Regular price HK$490 Price HK$445

PenPower Ez-HandWriter

Writing Pad

EZ Handwriter is a cutting edge handwriting product in the world. No software installation is needed, you can just plug and write. Handwriting makes your documents inputting...

Regular price HK$658 Price HK$608

PenPower 6x4" Handwriter Lohas

Writing Pad


Regular price HK$628 Price HK$608

Wacom intuos Pro-S 4x6"

Drawing Board

320 x 208 x 12 公釐 / 12.6 x 8.2 x 0.5 英吋 Wacom 壓力感應筆 2048 階畫筆壓力感應 6 個 ExpressKeys™ 可透過轉接器無線連接

Regular price HK$1,937 Price HK$1,280

Wacom Intuos Pro M Paper...

Drawing Board

Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition combines the very latest Wacom technologies with the drawing paper of your choice to offer a new – but familiar – way of working.

Regular price HK$3,250 Price HK$3,199