3 Payment methods and processes

Payment method is currently provided as follows

3.1) Online payment

      We accept the following credit cards:

      • MasterCard

      • VISA

3.2) Bank Transfer

You can choose to use the "FPS" system or bank transfer, and  you are required to upload the bank slip to us, you can refer to the following methods:

       a)Send the bank slip / transfer screen to 9014 9700 using the Whats app

       b)To fill in the website

           1) Login to the website first

           2) Choose "Contact us"

           3) Enter the customer email address

           4) Upload the bank slip in the attachment column

           5) Enter the order number, customer phone number, and name in the Content column

           6) Then press the Send key

       c) e-mail to  acc@widepot.hk

           1) Subject can be filled: online shopping - [order number]

           2) Content: fill in the order number and leave the customer information (phone, name),  bank slip must be attached.

*Once the payment are confirmed, the company will arrange delivery within 1-3 Working days

Bank Account : Widepot Digital Ltd

HSBC / 匯豐 : 747 037 596 838

『FPS』Id :4708681