Bonnaire MX-225 EarPhone


In addition to being unique and rare, the ceramic

shell +6-also plays an outstanding role in music processing.

The sound is very hard and clear through the extremely hard

ceramic shell, adding a natural feeling, whether it is classical

music or Strings can restore the real sound, the sound is crisp and delicate.

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BONNAIRE has always been committed to bringing more new

technologies to users. The MX-225 brings a new design of volume

and wire control for users. The exterior design is elegant and beautiful,

the buttons are clear and distinct, and the user is more user-friendly.

The latest line is equipped. Control technology Smart+, a digital volume +/- control button,

fully compatible with iOS and Samsung two standards,

is a new technology on the market, and no need to adjust any buttons,

absolutely plug and play, very convenient.