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Empowering an NGO with Full-Scale Marketing Solutions to Raise Social Awareness and Drive Donations.

Our client, a non-governmental organization (NGO), faced the challenge of limited visibility and low donation rates. Their objective was to raise social awareness and secure more donations to support their cause. We provided a comprehensive marketing strategy, including SEO optimization, Google Grant-driven SEM campaigns, and impactful editorial content creation.

我們的客戶是一家非牟利機構(NGO),他們面臨著有限知名度和捐款率偏低的困境。目標是提高社會關注度並獲得更多的捐款來支持他們的行政業務。我們提供了一個全面的營銷策略,包括SEO優化、以Google Grant為基礎的SEM廣告活動以及具有影響力的編輯內容創作。


Hong Kong | 香港


Non profit section | 非營利部分


  • Increase social awareness for the NGO's cause

  • Drive higher donation rates

  • Enhance online visibility and reach

  • Establish the NGO as a trusted authority in the industry

  • 提高對該非牟利機構(NGO)事業的社會關注度

  • 提高捐款率

  • 增強線上知名度和影響力

  • 確立該非牟利機構(NGO)在業界的信任度和權威性


  • Conducted in-depth keyword research and optimized website content to improve search engine rankings

  • Leveraged Google Grant program to maximize ad reach and generate website traffic

  • Developed compelling editorial content to engage and educate the target audience

  • Implemented social media campaigns to amplify the NGO's message and expand its online presence

  • 進行深入的關鍵字分析,並優化網站內容以提升搜尋引擎排名

  • 運用Google Grant計劃,最大化廣告覆蓋範圍並增加網站流量

  • 撰寫引人入勝的編輯內容,以吸引並教育目標受眾

  • 實施社交媒體活動,擴大該非牟利機構(NGO)的訊息傳播和線上存在


Through our holistic approach and customized solutions, the NGO witnessed significant improvements in social awareness, donation rates, and online visibility. Together, we made a lasting impact on their mission and the communities they serve.


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